The method

More Trees Now rescues excess or unwanted saplings, cuttings and shrubs and transplants them to sites where they can grow into mature trees. Every tree produces hundreds of saplings every year. Most of these do not reach maturity. They grow in the wrong place and are removed, or they wither. By carefully scooping out these seedlings in winter and giving them away, they grow into trees elsewhere. A logical, cheap, sustainable and fun way to plant more trees!

How does it worK?

Normally, trees and shrubs are purchased from a tree nursery. For many parties, this remains an important source of (certified) planting material. But there is also another source for planting material that is obvious but little used: nature! More Trees Now collects the surplus of young shrubs and trees in nature and green areas. We then redistribute them to, for example, farmers and food forests, or citizens who want to green their own environment faster. 


From November to March, most plants are dormant and there is no movement of juices through the roots, branches and leaves. This is the time when you can harvest and transplant saplings and cuttings without much trouble. Some you can just pull out of the ground by hand, others are loosened with a shovel. The most important thing is that the roots remain intact. Cuttings can be collected throughout the dormancy period, as long as they are planted before the end of March. 

Tree hub

You can immediately transplant the collected saplings to a new location or heel them in until early spring in a ‘tree hub’.

More Trees Now collects the trees and shrubs from different harvest days together in a Tree Hub. Tree hubs come in different shapes and sizes! From a community garden that switches from vegetables to trees in winter-time, a front yard, or a 1 acre garden Each consists of trenches, where you store the bundles of rescued saplings together. You can store  thousands of saplings  on a 100 m² plot!


Lastly, the collected saplings are planted. Anyone can sign up for free trees in our treeplanner system. You can pick up saplings straight from a ‘harvest day’ when they are collected, or sign up for a give-away from a tree hub. You can only collect what nature has in abundance. So there is no guarantee that the tree you want most is also available, but we strive to make a fair distribution.  Pioneer trees such as Maple, Birch, Willow, Black Alder, Ash, Beech and Oak are harvested most often. The Elderberry bush and Butterfly bush are cut most often. We harvest many different varieties, so a beautiful tree for your environment is always available!

The method