Donate for More trees now

Free trees for everyone? Yes, with your donation we can give a way trees to everybody who want to plant some trees! 

Support for more trees

More Trees Now wants to green the UK and Ireland as easily as possible for climate and biodiversity. That is why we give away trees and shrubs for free. But there is no such thing as truly free. We incur costs for transport, equipment and organizational hours. A donation of for example €1 per tree or shrub is greatly appreciated. You can also support your favorite Tree Hub with a donation. If you just want to donate because you like the campaign or find it important, that’s possible too!

Yes! I can donate for more trees!

Give for our EV

Help us transport trees fossil-free! Every euro you donate for our electric Tree Bus is doubled thanks to some generous green lovers.

urgenda foundation

De donated money will be tranfered to the dutch Urgenda Foundation. They’ve paid for the upscaling of the dutch campaign and now are funding the UK and Ireland roadshow. 100% of the international collected money will be invested in the UK and Ireland campaign. 

Stichting Urgenda

Nicolaes Maesstraat 2-224
1506 LB  Zaandam
+31 20 330 0566

IBAN NL69 TRIO 0784 9175 58
KvK Rotterdam 24429002
RSIN 818964273