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Tree hubs

When trees and shrubs are not collected and planted immediately after harvesting, they are stored in a Tree Hub. A Tree Hub is an important link between harvesting and planting.

What is a Tree Hub?

In a Tree Hub, trees and shrubs from different harvest days from different locations come together. They are temporarily stored until they are picked up by a planting site. Tree Hubs come in different shapes and sizes. From a small storage at a kitchen garden to a large collection site at a business park.

What is a distribution day?

Planting starts with handing out! During a distribution day, the Tree Hub is pleasantly busy. Planting locations come to collect trees and shrubs. When you sign up for a distribution day, you choose a time slot and indicate how many trees and shrubs you would like to bring. Every distribution day is different. At some locations, you can pick your own trees and shrubs and at others, you will be given a pre-assembled package. Depending on the harvest brought in, certain tree species are available.

Tree planner

The Tree Planner is a digital platform on which everyone participating in the project will be connected. Tree hubs, harvest supervisors, planting locations, volunteers: they all get a profile in this online system. In the Tree Planner, you can sign up for a distribution day, harvest or planting days.

Tree Hubs

Tree Hubs in the UK and Ireland

Tree Hub manual

The treehub in practice

Are you curious about what’s involved in setting up and running a Tree Hub? Then check out the Tree Hub manual!