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Join us at Cae Mabon in Wales

Join us 2-5pm on Monday 27th November. We’ll have a walk around and look at the thrusting profusion of saplings eager to do their bit for the planet. Then we’ll have a presentation from the More Trees Now team. Refreshments will be available!

More Trees Now coming to Northumberland Woodland!

On the 2nd of December Northumberland Woodland Burial and More Trees Now organises a ‘harvest’ day. On a harvest day one saves surplus saplings to transplant them to places where they can mature. Lots of saplings are removed in routine forest management, but they are a valuable source of indigenous and free planting material. The method was developed in the Netherlands, of whom a small delegation will be present at the event to share their knowledge.

More Trees Now starts at Síolta Chroí

On the 29th and 30th of November the ecosystem restoration camp Síolta Chroí invites all to an introductory event of More Trees Now: an initiative to plant more indigenous trees through circular forestry.

More Trees Now @ Patagonia 

Mature trees create hundreds of saplings each year. However, the majority of these saplings will not reach maturity. They disappear naturally due to competition, but quite often they are removed in routine forest management. They are provided by Mother Nature’s nursery and grow on neglected sites, roadsides, and pathways, or become thinned out due to a lack of tree species diversity in a particular area. These saplings are a source of diverse, ecological, free and indigenous trees.

Irish schoolchildren (trans)plant 1 million trees 

On the 28th and 29th of November the Easy Treesie Project with Crann, Trees for Ireland and will continue the great start made last spring with More Trees Now in an initiative to plant more indigenous trees through circular forestry. Trees can produce hundreds of saplings every year, with the majority not reaching maturity. A large part of that is due to routine forest management practices. On Tuesday 30 schoolchildren with community volunteers will take elder and willow cuttings and saplings at Seagrange Park, Baldoyle, Co. Dublin and will re-plant them within the park in areas where they have space to grow. On Wednesday volunteers of all ages are invited to join us at Da Farm, Kilternan to take tree cuttings and save saplings for a second chance. After this event these trees will be given away for free. Amid tree shortages and a dire need to restore the native biodiversity in Ireland, circular forestry can provide a solution that any member of the community can be a part of.

Saving millions of forgotten trees

The Dutch NGO Urgenda (which won the world-first climate case) has become Netherlands’ second largest tree planting organisation within three years and now moves to the UK. With a combination of professional staff and tools plus thousands of volunteers we can save trees that would otherwise die and thus scale up tree planting activities. The project is called More Trees Now and starts this autumn.