Communication toolkit

More Trees Now runs (almost) entirely on volunteers. An easy way to share communication tips to make your event a success is therefore indispensible! With this information, tips, tools, links and downloads on this page, we will help you get started as best we can.

Mobilise sapling rescuers for your event!

Mobilising people to join your event or local sapling rescue group is essential. Every person joining in adds about a 50 to 100 saved saplings with every event! With this page we want to help you get started. If you have any questions or want our support, email us at


The socials

Consider creating your own social media channels and making a post about your event! You can look at our socials for some examples. You can create posts in advance, to call for help and volunteers, but also to show some nice pictures from the event itself afterwards. When people see how succesful and fun your event was, they might come to the next one! 


More Trees Now

Harvest Day

Tree GIve Away

Planting day

Whatsapp message

Call to action

Set an example


Here you’ll find all pictures, flyers, brochures, posters and other imaging to make your event a success. 

general pictures - more trees now

Group picture Corby
Group picture Wakelyns
Group picture dublin
harvest day - wales
Planting day galway
harvest day - leadburn


UK general poster
Ireland general poster
harvest poster
Wales general poster
Tree Give Away Poster
Scotland general poster


General flyer
Harvest flyer
Give-away flyer


More Trees Now - introduction
New presentations will follow soon
New presentations will follow soon


Brochure More Trees Now
New material to come
New material to come

Standard Press Releases

Sent them to a local paper!

standard letters

Write to your local forester, tree NGO, municipality and much more with these standard letters. 

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