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Every year, somewhere between November and February, dozens of companies roll up their sleeves for a day to harvest or plant trees. Take your team outside and work in nature. You too can make a difference with your team!


During the More Trees Now team outing, you go out with a forest ranger, ecologist and/or harvest supervisor. He or she knows exactly which trees you can harvest and transplant to a place where they stand a better chance. There are also planting days where you and your team help a farmer or starting food forest plant seedlings.

Did you know that you can also organise a planting day for your own business park? Super fun and inspiring to green your own work environment with your colleagues!

Invite your colleagues!

Practical information

Group size: 10-30 persons

What you get: an instructive day (part) in nature under the expert guidance of a forester or ecologist

Costs: It usually costs us 500 to organise an event for your company, depending on the group size and the wishes. Affluent companies tend to give more, and for smaller-size companies we decide a costs in consultation. Two parties in generous spirits will usually work it out!

Optional: Do you want to get started with a larger group? Or would you also like a snack or a drink? That is possible! It may affect costs however, consult with us!

Equipment: There is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothes. Put on good clothes that can get dirty, and bring sturdy shoes/boots and work gloves! Do you have your own spade or pruning shears? Bringing one is always a good idea.

Meeting: contact us using the form below.

Do you have any questions? Send an e-mail to info@moretreesnow.eco

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For harvest and planting days
* Additional costs will be charged for catering in consultation with More Trees Now.