I want to help

Our aim is to save one million excess or unwanted saplings, shrubs and cuttings for a second chance. This requires mass community action.  We are looking for people who just want to join us for a day of harvesting or planting, but if you have green fingers, you can also become a harvest supervisor. Or you can help with communication, transporting trees or mobilise your community. 


More Trees Now is a decentralised organisation, a collection of local sapling rescue groups (or soon to be local sapling rescue groups!) work with foresters, locations managers, farmers and hopefully you! to scoop our and rescue excess saplings from places where they cannot mature. 

By signing up you gain access to the treeplanner. In this treeplanner all harvest sites (where saplings grow in excess), treehubs (places where we can store them) and planting sites (people who want to plant them) are connected with you. Every location can create an event to save, give-away or plant such saplings. Every wednesday at 6 p.m. you will get an email with alle the events needing your help in your area. 

You can up or lower the radius if you’d like but also you can add one of these locations of your own and start organising yourself! Read more about our method here