I have a harvest location

Do you have a harvest site where we are allowed to remove saplings? Are trees coming up within a metre of the walking path? Are you going to mow somewhere? Perhaps there is a particular species that is predominant and you would like it gone, or are there simply endless saplings to be found that cannot mature there?

circular forestry as a win-win!

From November to March, More Trees Now collects surplus seedlings from nature reserves, estates, parks and green or demolition sites with volunteers. Every year trees make hundreds of saplings, many of which grow in places where they cannot mature. Wrong place for the wrong species, they get mowed because they grow too close to a walking path, or grow in peat bogs or other non-forest landscapes. 

We save the saplings between from 50 cm to 2 m, which survive the transplantation best. Usually the species are native pioneer species, but also many others. We do not transplant invasive exotics, but will also remove some for you if we’re working there anyways! That way, we try to create a win-win!