What is More Trees Now? Countless trees in Mother Nature’s nursery

More Trees Now has already transplanted over 2 million saplings world wide. Each tree produces seedlings annually, and many of them don’t survive. During winter, when trees are in a dormant state, these struggling and excess saplings are scooped up and given away to be planted elsewhere. Once these trees and shrubs reproduce and spread, the excess seedlings of those trees can also be transplanted. This way, no healthy saplings are mowed down or chipped. They become ‘circular’ trees. Nothing is wasted, and that brings numerous benefits.

Good for climate and biodiversity

These seedlings of trees and shrubs have already stored 5-7 years’ worth of CO2. This would be lost if they were chipped. By transplanting them, they can continue absorbing CO2, resulting in immediate climate gains. The saplings are mostly native and are always distributed as a mix of trees and shrubs. The places where the shrubs and trees are planted create new food and shelter spots for various animals. In this way, our method helps improve biodiversity.

Join the Webinar on March 4th

During Ireland’s National Tree Week, on Monday, March 4th, organizers from the Netherlands will discuss the inception and evolution of their tree-planting movement. They will also explore how groups in various countries can utilize the established IT infrastructure, along with community-driven learning and communication tools, to kickstart their own tree-planting initiatives.