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Join one of the local teams!

Join the Wakelyns-sapling rescue team in Suffolk!

Wakelyns is an agroforestry hub started in 1994. On the first event in November 2023 over 500 fruit saplings that were in excess in the forestry system were saved for a second chance elsewhere. A treehub was founded to collect such saplings to replant elsewhere or give away for free. They are still looking for more volunteers to join them!

Want to get involved? Email info@wakelyns.co.uk 

Join the #saplingrescueteam in Corby, Northamptonshire!

Running the show in the East-Midlands are these tree-warriors in Corby! Earlier they were involed in saving thousands of oak saplings about to be destroyed. Now they rescue saplings about to wither, using ecological forest management to make nature their nursery. They hope to mobilise many other nature-lovers and (re-)green Corby!

Want to get in touch? Email info@moretreesnow.eco 

Join the sapling rescue team in Northumberland! 

Woodland-burial owners Scott and Laura Clarehugh took the initiative to start a More Trees Now team to Northumberland: “I’d heard about this initiative to reuse saplings to create more green area’s on a facebook group, from someone who’d invited them to Corby. I loved the idea! We’re always here if people want to take a tree home with them and we have plenty of ideas on planting more trees ourselves, so it seemed a good fit. It would be quite special if we could construct expansion of our forest with surplus saplings from our own woodlands”, says Scott.

Want to join the group in Northumberland? Email info@northumberlandcrematorium.co.uk