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Anyone can join More Trees Now! We distribute excess or unwanted seedlings from natural areas to farmers and citizens who want to plant. That way we can green the Earth even faster, cheaper and have fun. Will you join us?

Sign up as volunteer, harvest location, Tree Hub, plant location, or make a donation

Would you like to become a sponsor or partner? Then mail to info@moretreesnow.eco.

harvest or plant

Will you help? Become a volunteer! You can help harvest or plant, move trees from A to B as a driver, expand our network by writing to foresters and municipalities and much more.

Setup a Tree Hub

As a Tree Hub, you ‘heel’/pit harvested seedlings by placing them in trenches close together. A bit of earth over the roots and you’re done. At the end of winter, you hand out these saplings to plenty of enthusiastic citizens and farmers.

Setup a harvest location

You are a forester, groundsman or landowner and have excessive seedlings on your property that you would like to give a second chance. Or you are a volunteer and have arranged permission with the relevant site manager. Then sign up now with your area!

Setup a plant location

Do you have room to plant? You are a farmer, private individual, or have a backyard that could still accommodate a tree. Then you can request tree saplings here and pick them up on ‘harvest days’ at a harvest location, or on distribution days of a Tree Hub. Of course, it’s even more fun if you help out yourself on a day.

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